AC/DC Electrical Contracting Company Inc

Electrical Services 

If you are a business owner seeking quick and efficient installations, AC/DC Electrical Contracting is the service provider for you! No matter the need, we are confident our team can supply various solutions for common electrical problems ranging from your commercial needs to complex industrial needs. We also serve the unique electrical requirements of the petroleum industry (i.e. Wayne / Gilbarco systems, emergency fuel shut-off controls, aviation/fleet above-ground systems, etc....) Give us a call today!  



Let us help you design your new business enterprise into one that will best meet you and your employee’s needs! Have an existing space? Look no further! We’re here for you and any needs you and your business seeks to have done. Please take a look at some the commercial services.

Commercial Services

Energy Efficient LED Light Retro-fitment

Timer and Occupancy Sensor Installation

Power Distribution Upgrades

High-Tec Troubleshooting

Restaurant Cooking Hood Specialty Controls

Large Scale Fan Installation

Code Update & Corrections
Damaged Wire Repair

Shock & Fire Prevention (AFCI/GFCI)

    Custom Lighting Design

    Security Lighting

    Electrical Safety Inspections

    Underground Conduit Systems

    Surge Suppressors

    Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS) Systems

    Alternative/Generator/Backup PowerSources

    Parking Lot Pole Light Installation & Repair

    & More!


    We offer electrical solutions to satisfy even the most demanding electrical needs of large scale plants and machinery. Our team has an acute level of expertise and safety awareness these work environments require. Leave the work to us and take a look at just a sample of the services we can provide you!

    Industrial Services

    Rigid Conduit Systems

    480V Main Power Distributions Systems

    Electrical Power Transformers

    Conveyor Control Systems

    High Output High Efficiency Lighting

    Bus Duct Systems

    Food Grade Electrical Systems

    And Much More!

    Repair & Maintenance

    When it comes to maintaining your light fixtures, security systems, outlets, and any other electrical units, AC/DC Electrical Contracting Company Inc. has you covered. From the harder jobs like the rewiring of your business down to the simple fixes that include light bulb replacements and outlet repairs, we can fix your electrical or maintenance problems. We work in commercial and industrial areas, so if you're having any type of electrical issue, please feel free to give us a call today!

    Lightning Protection

    Lightning Protection System

    We offer a wide range of UL Certified lightning protection systems that meet and exceed the standards. These systems help advert the dangers associated with direct strikes to structures and redirects the lightning into the ground. Insure your building with one of our systems today!

    Petroleum Electrical Services

    The unique electrical demands of the petroleum industry are no stranger to our team. Specializing in the field for over 20 years, we are confident to get your site fueling in no time!